Active For Life Series

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Group of seniors

Moving sedentary and currently inactive people into an active lifestyle, so you can do more than you’ve done before.

Low intensity, safe and progressive training designed with natural movements that are easy to accomplish using simple equipment with knowledge of how your body works.

  • flexibility/mobility
  • stretching and strengthening
  • core training
  • balance/stability
  • functional movement
  • muscular strength and endurance
  • nutritional counseling

Client Testimonials

When my 69 year old husband died unexpectedly after surgery, I realized that our sedentary lifestyle had left us both at risk for poor health outcomes. At first I thought I would just go to Silver Sneakers (or to a gym) but soon discovered that I was just practicing doing exercises incorrectly. I started working with Valerie to increase core strength and balance. Now I have the added benefit of working out twice a week with my daughter. Valerie adjusts the workouts to our individual needs and abilities.
Milly M.