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Valerie Washington

Private Training and Health Coaching in Kirkland, Washington

At New Fitness Lifestyle it’s never too late to get in shape and build a foundation for lasting well-being. When you train with New Fitness Lifestyle you can expect the experience to lead you to a deep belief in the value of exercise as a way of life – a lifestyle imperative. A well-being is a human being who encompasses the values and actions of healthy living in all its dimensions; body, mind and spirit.

Active For Life Series

Get Active For Life at New Fitness Lifestyle

Moving currently inactive people into an active lifestyle.

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Built To Last Series

This series is for the weekend athlete baby boomer.

Designed to keep you in the game and performing at peak.

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Pre-Hab and Re-Hab

Get ready before and after your orthopedic surgery.

Don’t let hurt continue until it causes harm.

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Client Testimonials

“Over the years, I have joined a number of fitness clubs, and rarely attended any of them. The buff bodies intimated me and I didn't think I looked particularly good in Spandex. Aside from travel and/or illness, I have never missed a session with Valerie. Unlike the trainers at the health clubs, her intention is not to make me the way I was at twenty; she wants me to be the best that I can possibly be. She is unique, in that her approach is tailored to the needs of each individual client. ”
Dr. Stephen M.

“Training and working out with Valerie has added an entirely new layer of physical awareness and fun to my workouts. After many years of workouts, I have an injury from an accident that has forced me into a plateau. Valerie researched and developed a new training program for me that is not only motivating, but effective.”
Elayne B.